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Dolce & Gabbana-Inspired Nail Art From Mars The Salon: Get The Look

Aug 27, 2016 03:32 AM EDT
Dolce & Gabbana
(Photo : Mars the Salon)

With Fashion Week right around the corner, we have been feeling extra chic lately.

And of course, fashion extends far beyond clothing and accessories. So take your beauty up a notch this season and check out this Dolce & Gabbana-inspired nail art by artist Ayumi Namaizawa of Mars the Salon in West Hollywood.

 Tips and tricks below!

1. Apply base coat.

2. Apply light beige color on index, middle, and pinky, and apply black color on dumb and ring finger. Draw French line with white color on thumb and ring finger.

3. Draw a white dot on the bottom part of thumb, and draw round shape surrounding the dot. Draw a yellow dot and yellow petal on thumb.

4. Draw two yellow dots on ring finger.

5. Draw some petals of daisy flowers on ring finger.

6. Draw some petals of a daisy flower with white color, and draw orange dot on yellow flower. Draw orange pattern on white circle on thumb.

7. Draw some leaves of the flowers with green color, and outer lines of the beach ball with black color on thumb.

8. Draw some gray color dots on the french tip of thumb.

9. Draw some leaves of the flowers with green color. Draw some gray color dots on the french tip of ring finger.

10. Draw three dots on the bottom and tip of the index, middle, and pinky with white and light green colors.

11. Draw some dots outer side of the nail with white and light green color.


12. Draw yellow dots inside of the three dots.

13. Draw some gray dots on index and pinky finger.


14. Apply top coat.

(Photo : Mars the Salon)


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