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Jul 25, 2017 Last Updated: 21:35 PM EDT

Milan Fashion Week SS17: Fausto Puglisi To Ditch Runway Show Format, Host Theatrical Event

Sep 02, 2016 12:35 PM EDT
Fausto Puglisi
(Photo : Facebook/Fausto Puglisi)

Fausto Puglisi is skipping the runway this season in favor of something more theatrical.

The Italian designer announced on Friday that instead of hosting a runway show during Milan Fashion Week to present his spring/summer 2017 collection, he is working on a more captivating show format this season.

"My very first Milan collection in 2011 was shown in tableaux so I could personally talk about my thoughts and design. Pitti Uomo took my heart back to those beginnings and I am challenged to create a concept relevant for today and my new women's collection," Puglisi told WWD.

For his upcoming fashion week event, which is slated to take place on Sept. 21 at the Derby Theater in Milan, Puglisi said he, in collaboration with Armando Punzo, artistic director of Compagnia della Fortezza, "worked on something which is between a theater piece and a fashion presentation, to give those attending space and time to absorb the beauty and the horror of my region [Sicily] in order to inaugurate a new way, more honest, to talk about clothes."

Puglisi told WWD that he and Punzo "tried to find a synthesis to many of the elements that I daily use to build my collections: the obsession for the Catholic and Ancient Greek aesthetic, the maximalist sense of luxury typical of Southern Italy, but also the magnetic attraction toward bad taste and the expression of visual excess."

The designer's SS17 collection celebrates the beauty and power of women.

"To me every woman can be a goddess. I thought about a shrine in which every woman becomes such a goddess — like Minerva: powerful, immortal and fearless. And of course, beautiful in her own way," Puglisi said.

Check back with us after Puglisi's SS17 Milan Fashion Week event for collection images and a recap of the show.

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