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Ted Baker Debuts Fall/Winter 2016 Ad Campaign Film, Teams Up With Google [VIDEO]

Sep 07, 2016 01:40 PM EDT
Ted Baker
(Photo : Courtesy/Ted Baker) A still image from Ted Baker's fall/winter 2016 ad campaign film.

Ted Baker is showing off its tech-savvy side with the launch of its fall/winter 2016 advertising campaign film, titled "'Mission Impeccable."

The three-minute film, created in collaboration with esteemed director Guy Ritchie as executive producer and mentor to emerging directors Crowns & Owls, is entirely Shoppable on, exclusive U.K. partner and exclusive partner for North America,

The film, which debuted Wednesday, follows T.E.D, enigmatic leader of his eponymous label, as he works to prevent a couture catastrophe at the hands of a twisted villain.

In the lead up to the film launch, Ted Baker's social channels were taken over by an evil villain, who leaked classified information in an innovative campaign collaboration between Ted Baker and creative agency Poke.

As part of the campaign, Ted Baker worked closely with Google to create the world's first fashion application of Google App's voice search. Customers can ask the app the slogan written on Ted Baker store windows to receive prizes inside.

"Ted is always pushing the envelope with how it communicates and engages its customers, and this season we've achieved that on multiple fronts. The Mission Impeccable campaign film is the main event; but more than being just a great-looking brand piece, it's also available as an interactive and fully 'shoppable' lookbook across multiple platforms and devices. Supporting the films and the evocative still imagery we have our highly playful and engaging window displays, where we've incorporated a world-first fashion application of Google app's voice search to run an extensive surprise and delight reward program around the world. It's an exciting time for Ted, and this fall/winter is unlike anything we have executed before," Craig Smith, Ted Baker global brand communication director, said in a statement.

In celebration of the campaign and Google App collaboration, Ted Baker will release a limited number of tickets for the launch of the brand's Regent Street store in London, where winners will be among the first to preview the interactive window displays that work with Google App's voice search to win prizes and exclusive offers, meet the film characters and attend a screening for "Mission Impeccable."

"After a succession of innovative social media campaigns, this time Ted has gone even bigger. Big name collaborator Guy Ritchie and a big tech partner in the shape of Google. And Poke of course. Ted offers a way to discover secrets in and around their stores, otherwise hidden from the naked eye. The espionage theme plays naturally with unfolding technologies that allow participants to search via voice, accessing geofenced and chronofenced codes that lead to further experiences or unlock special Ted Baker product," added Poke creative director Nik Roope.

Check out the film below.

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