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Jun 26, 2017 Last Updated: 03:06 AM EDT

Menswear Brand Bonobos Launches Activewear Collection

Sep 08, 2016 03:06 PM EDT
Bonobos GoodSport
(Courtesy/Bonobos GoodSport)

Bonobos is capitalizing on the athleisure trend with the launch of its very own activewear line.

On Wednesday, the menswear brand announced the launch of Bonobos GoodSport, a modern take on gym apparel.

The line, which features gym shorts, short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, a half-zip hoodie and full-zip hoodie, focuses on what Bonobos does best — better-fitting men's clothing.

The line's biggest differentiator is that shorts are offered in numeric waist sizes instead of just small, medium or large.

"To get a really precise fit, you can't just do small, medium, and large," Bonobos chief creative officer Dwight Fenton told GQ.

"So by offering your exact waist size that you're used to wearing in pants and shorts, it makes it very easy for you to dial into what's going to fit very well for you specifically, not for guys who are a size up or a size down," he added.

​Prices range​ from $68 to $148, and items can be purchased online and in Guideshops throughout the country.

Click through the slide show above to see images of the collection.

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