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Jun 27, 2017 Last Updated: 14:03 PM EDT

Ralph Lauren Adopts See Now, Buy Now Concept, Will Host Two NYFW Runway Shows

Sep 13, 2016 12:46 PM EDT
Ralph Lauren
(Photo : Getty Images/JP Yim)

Ralph Lauren is the latest brand to adopt the see now, buy now concept.

On Wednesday, Ralph Lauren will present a see now, buy now collection for fall, which will be available immediately at its boutiques, online and at wholesalers, according to Vogue.

"Showing clothes, then delivering them six months later. it's over. With the Internet, social media... you have to change," Lauren told Vogue.

"I've always looked at the business as an evolution. We're never standing still, and we're never chasing anyone. Everything is a new chapter," Lauren continued.

In addition to Ralph Lauren's consumer-facing runway show, which will take place outside the brand's Madison Avenue flagship store, the label will also have a traditional show for industry types.

Lauren isn't alone in adopting the see now, buy now concept. Tom Ford, Burberry's Christopher Bailey and Tommy Hilfiger are among some of the bigger names experimenting with the idea.

The #CMnyfw exclusive collection is available now, shop online. #CMMensShop A photo posted by Club Monaco (@clubmonaco) on

Club Monaco, which is owned by Ralph Lauren, also debuted a shoppable collection during its first New York Fashion Week appearance at Grand Central Terminal on Friday. The 35 men's and women's looks that were unveiled are part of what Club Monaco has dubbed "The New York Fashion Week Fall Collection."

Keep checking back with us as we continue to cover the top news from the New York Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 shows. 

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