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iPhone Apps 2013: Shoptrotter Helps Shoppers Navigate New Cities for Effective Shopping

Jul 27, 2013 10:27 AM EDT
(Photo : ShopTrotter)

When we're on a shopping mission, say, to find that perfect cocktail dress for an upcoming party, we want to browse all our favorite stores as effectively as possible, especially if said party is tomorrow night! 

That's not hard to do if we're shopping in our hometown or in a neighborhood we're familiar with, but if we're exploring a new city or shopping abroad, chances are we're going to waste a ton of time wandering around cluelessly. 

So after we learned that our friends at Refinery29 found a tool to help us navigate new territory while on the hunt for cute clothing, we were pretty excited.

This new tool, ShopTrotter, is a navigational site that makes shopping easy.

From Barcelona to Buenos Aires, ShopTrotter scours stores, which can be filtered by brand, products and specific retailers, and after you choose your destination, ShopTrotter will send directions for the best route to take straight to your mobile phone. 

How easy does that sound?

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