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Lingerie Fashion Week Fall 2014: Affinitas + Parfait Runway Show Review

Feb 24, 2014 04:09 PM EST
Affinitas + Parfait
(Photo : Instagram)

Although most of the fashion industry's attention probably was focused on Milan this weekend, that doesn't mean there weren't newsworthy events taking place in other cities throughout the world.

Case in point: the third season of Lingerie Fashion Week came to a close on Saturday with a slew of runway shows and presentations showcasing some impressive intimate apparel.

Lingerie Fashion Week veteran Affinitas Intimates was the last label to show off its latest wares, and despite the fact that it started almost two hours (fashionably) late, the show was rather impressive. In addition to showing its main line, the global lingerie powerhouse also showed its full-bust line, Parfait. We also got a glimpse of the brand's Cupcake Collection, which is slated to launch soon. Not only did some of the models show off this new line on the runway (cupcakes in hand!), but audience members also got a few pairs of pretty panties from the colorful collection in a gift bag (we've already worn ours and can officially say that they're super soft and comfortable!).  

As for the Affinitas and Parfait lines, the designer said she wanted them to be sophisticated and glamorous. Designed for women of all ages, these fall ranges were inspired by other ready-to-wear collections, and the colors and fabrics were influenced by everyday life and people that Luly Chen, the designer, saw on the streets.

The lines consisted of everyday pieces as well as some meant for special occasions, so there was plenty of variety. Some items were very basic, while others were embellished with pretty ribbons or lace. There were thongs, bikini bottoms, cheekies and more, in addition to full-coverage bras, balconette styles and baby dolls. Whatever your lingerie preference, we're willing to bet you could find something special in one of the collections shown. 

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