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Biden: U.S. to Support New Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

Feb 28, 2014 02:27 AM EST
Joe Biden
(Photo : REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst ) United States Vice President Joe Biden turned down the invitation of a Connecticut teenager to be her prom date, but he instead sent some consolation for the young woman.

United States Vice President Joe Biden called new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Thursday to inform the new Ukrainian government of the United States' recognition of Yatsenyuk as new leader of the formerly Soviet country, the Huffington Post reports.

Biden also informed the prime minister that the U.S. government pledges to support Ukraine in seeking restoration after the bloody and violent political upheaval that struck the country.

Yatsenyuk's new position as the de facto leader of the country is due to President Viktor Yanukovych abdicating from his position after escaping from Ukraine's capital Kiev, according to the White House.

Despite fleeing, reports said that Yanukovych, who has also been in contact with Biden and the White Hosue throughout the crisis, was still claiming his position of presidency.

Seen as a technocratic reformer who has expressed his belief that Ukraine should throw itself in with the European Union, Yatsenyuk's ascent onto the position of Prime Minister was met with overwhelming approval from the Parliament.

Before Yatsenyuk receiving it in February 27, the position of Prime Minister was preceded by Serhiy Arbuzov who acted in the office from January 28 following the resignation of Mykola Azarov who has held the seat from March 2010.

Azarov's resignation was reportedly in an effort to keep the settlement of the conflict plaguing the country peaceful.

"I have made my personal decision to ask the Ukrainian president to accept my resignation from the post of Ukrainian prime minister in order to create additional opportunities for a socio-political compromise and settle the conflict peacefully," he was quoted in a report by Ukrainian news agency Interfax.

Despite Azarov's effort, the conflicts still turned violent and riotous, resulting in the deaths of hundreds civilians, and eventually escalating into full blown revolution.

The United States pledge of support to the new government of Ukraine is just the latest in their efforts of assisting the country as they even tried to stop the violence of the conflict by issuing sanctions to those involved. 

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