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2NE1’s Comeback with Music Videos of ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Happy’

Mar 04, 2014 06:32 AM EST
2NE1 Album 'CRUSH!'
(Photo : Official 2NE1 Facebook Page) 2NE1's Latest Album 'CRUSH!'

One of best K-Pop girl group in Korea is definitely with us again with an in-your-face comeback in the form of the music videos of their newest singles "Come Back Home" and "Happy" from the album "Crush".

The futuristic CGI-galore music video's production costed about almost half a million dollars but offers a stand-out sci-fi feel and quality that would blow any music video in the same league out of the water.

CEO of their record label YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk said on an interview with Korean publication Star News that in the music video, members of 2NE1 were cast into a futuristic world where people have the choice of escaping into another world referred to as "Virtual Paradise". The video's theme is somewhat dark but eventually, in the later part of the song, the girls became "warriors" bent out to destroy the virtual world that seems to be gradually replacing their own, causing it to crumble.

"The content could be a little difficult to understand, but keep if viewers keep in mind that happiness in the real world is the most important thing, they will understand the music video better," Yang said.

On the lighter side, the K-Pop icons also have released a happier themed music video, "Happy." Compared to the somewhat gloomy feel of "Come Back Home," this music video throws us a cartoon inspired song about a girl letting go of her lover without holding grudges. It was hot in Los Angeles with the girls' signature crazy getups.

The lyrics in the music video are about a girl and her former lover parting ways. She decides to let go of the person and is not happy about it, but she hopes the guy would be alright and better off away from her.

Their album "Crush" is now available on both physical CD's and iTunes.

Source: Billboard


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