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Jennifer Lawrence Goes ‘Commando’ at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party Wearing a Tom Ford Dress

Mar 04, 2014 07:17 AM EST
Jennifer Lawrence
(Photo : REUTERS/Danny Moloshok) Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence wore a Tom Ford mini-dress at Vanity Fair's Oscar party. The stylish dress that showed off parts of her skin was more than enough confirmation that the star wasn't wearing any underwear.

The 23-year-old Best Supporting Actress nominee wore a Tom Ford embellished mini-dress that featured sheer side and back panels.

Earlier that night, at the Oscars, Lawrence spoke about her latest tumble, saying, "I don't want it to start looking like it's my thing, so I've got to be careful."

At last year's Oscars ceremony, Lawrence also tripped on her way up the stage.

Ellen DeGeneres, this year's Oscars host, however, did not make it possible for Lawrence to escape her most recent slip-up. During her opening monologue, DeGeneres said: "I'm not going to bring up what happened last year. It's ridiculous. Something like that happens and it's embarrassing, and then people just talk about it. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, last year she fell on her way up. Let's just show the clip."

De Generes continued, saying jokingly, "And you know that thing about when you fell out of the car tonight when you were getting out of the car? No one needs to know about that. I'm not going to mention that. She fell on the way out of the car. Like, on an orange cone, you tripped or something. If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar."

Unfortunately, Lawrence did not bring home the Best Supporting Actress title for her movie "American Hustle". Lupita Nyong'o was the one who grabbed the title for her movie "12 Years a Slave".

Last year, Lawrence won the Best Actress award for her movie "The Silver Linings Playbook".

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