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Aug 20, 2014 Last Updated: 03:51 AM EDT
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MetroTwit, Windows' Best Twitter Client is About to Die

Mar 05, 2014 09:56 AM EST
(Photo : Reuters) Windows’ Threshold update has a lot of things in store for both desktop and mobile users.

MetroTwit, a popular third-party extension for Twitter, closes its doors today.

MetroTwit is a platform for Windows. This is a tiled metro design that shows the entire activity of your Twitter account. This is downloadable for free but the Pro version costs $17. Its features include your Twitter feed, mentions, direct messages and more. This is a multi-column view that allows user to organize his account. The user can also view images and videos "inline" without the need to click on an external link. 

According to LifeHacker, MetroTwit is advanced compared to previously released TweetDeck features. 

Unfortunately, the MetroTwit team is removing their download links for both desktop and Windows 8 users, according to TheVerge. The said platform is closing its operations today. Since 2010, it has grown its popularity, reaching over 400,000 Twittter users.

"We reached out to Twitter after they made the token limit announcement, but they did not offer to extend our cap," explained MetroTwit developer Long Zheng in an interview with The Verge.

Zheng says the team had one simple goal: create a great Twitter experience on the Windows desktop. "We understand the Twitter developer API strategy has evolved with its business over the past few years," says Zheng. "It's unfortunate this affects a small but enthusiastic group of Twitter users who enjoy third party clients."

MetroTwit users can continue to use their app but they will lose the support from the team. 

Alternatives for MetroTwit are TweetDeck and Tweetium. These two are third-party apps as well that are available for Windows 8.

Zheng said that they are proud of their work with the app. He also mentioned that it's "always exploring new and interesting app opportunities on Windows." 

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