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Smart Helmet Startup Wins Wearable Tech Award At The 2014 SXSW [VIDEO]

Mar 10, 2014 09:39 AM EDT
Skully Helmets
(Photo : Facebook / Skully Helmets, Inc) A prototype of the Skully Helmets, winner of the 2014 SXSW award for the Wearable Tech category.

The privately-owned Silicon Valley startup company Skully Helmets won the award for the Wearable Tech category at the 2014 SXSW Interactive.

Skully Helmets was chosen among 48 startup categories who competed in six categories including werarable tech, entertainment/content, enterprise/big data, health, social and innovative world technologies, LiveScience reported.

The event, which was held Sunday, March 9, in Austin, Texas, awarded each winner with $4,000. Skully Helmets was chosen due to its innovative technological design and safety applications.

The high-tech headgear was first unveiled in 2013 as the AR-1 model, according to the company's blog. It features "wearable technology that provides motorcycle riders with an intelligent heads-up display system, a full 18-degree rear view camera, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation and voice control."

Other features of the helmet include an anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare face shield, voice control for the heads-up display, fully adjustable ventilation system, a lightweight and aerodynamic shell and a 3d laser-cut interior foam to provide a perfect fit for the rider.

A representative from the company explained that "helmets exist solely for the sake of saving your head when you hit the ground."

But aside from providing better protection than traditional helmets, the Skully Helmets can also enhance the overall riding experience of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The company was honored and thrilled to receive the award. Its representative said, "We were competing against the smartest people in the world today. And it's a measure of luck, skill and some crazy third variable that we're up here today."

For now, the prototypes of Skully Helmets are designed for motorcyle riders. But the company is planning on expanding its line of products soon as it has caught the attention of skiiers, cyclists and military organizations.

Details of how to order are posted on Skully Helmets' website.

The other finalists of the award ceremony included Pauline van Dogen, a Netherlands-based company that integrates solar cells into clothes and Bionym, a company from Toronto that developed a fitness tracker that monitors the wearers' cardiac rhythm to confirm their identity.

Check out Skully Helmets' demo and promotional video in the clip below.

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