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Jackie Chan Now A K-Pop Group Manager, JJCC Album Debuts this March

Mar 12, 2014 09:28 AM EDT
Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan poses during a promotional event for his film ''Chinese Zodiac'' in Beverly Hills, California October 16, 2013.
(Photo : Reuters/Phil McCarten)
Jackie Chan manages k-pop group JJCC.

Jackie Chan is back in the scene, but he isn't throwing kicks or punches this time around. The action film superstar is now transformed... into a k-pop band manager.

The anticipation is building as the boy group JJCC (pronounced as Double JC) is set to release their debut on March 24 in South Korea, after which they will promote the album in China. Double JC is composed of five men, all in their early 20s. Four of them are South Koreans while the other one is Australian-Chinese. They really are a handsome bunch!

The CEO of Jackie Chan Group South Korea Sha-sha Lee said that Chan was very hands-on from the auditions to managing the group. This is no surprise as Chan is known to be very involved in all his films too. In fact, Chan doesn't like working with doubles, so he pretty much performs all his stunts.

Lee also shares that members of the Double JC k-pop group are "triple threats." Each of them can sing, dance and rap. Someday, you might even see them act with Chan too. And what do you know? Even Chan had to learn acting and singing in the China Drama Academy before he started working on movies. Chan also had his share of Mandarin pop albums back in the 1990s.

AllKPop reveals the members of the group, namely SimBa, EDDY, E. co, San-Cheong and Prince Mak.

According to the Korean rep for The Jackie Chan Group, "All of the five members possess skills in rapping, singing, songwriting, and of course, musicality, as well as dancing skills in popping, jazz, b-boying, and ballet for various performances. The group can speak three languages, including English, Korean, and Chinese... The five members created a synergy effect with their different colors. We ask that you show a lot of interest and anticipation for the five gems who will represent Asia."

Are you ready for Double JC? Not bad Jackie... not bad at all!  


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