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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Debris Spotted by Chinese Satellite, a False Lead

Mar 13, 2014 01:01 PM EDT
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
(Photo : Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters) The grieving families of the passengers of flight MH370 launched a $3 million whistleblower reward fund.

After following the location of a reported jet debris photographed by the Chinese satellite, authorities still found no clue about the whereabouts of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.The objects in the satellite images, it turned out, were actually a cable cap covered with moss and intertwined strings and logs, Mashable reported.

According to the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of China, the satellite probing the Malaysian Airlines jet's puzzling disappearance captured the images of three floating objects suspected to be debris of the missing jet last March 9, 2014. However, the images were released only after three days, according to CNN.

Being the latest among the many, this false lead has exacerbated the great scepticism about the reports that the jet had tried to go back to Malaysia. The size of the objects in the images had initially given the authorities hope that they could be pieces of aircraft wreckage.

However, others had already expressed their doubts when these satellite images were reported as a lead. Clive Irving said that the objects seemed to be large and square so they were unlikely to be something that was from the plane while Tom Haueter said that any aircraft debris of that size would not float, CNN reported.

Irving is the Conde Nast Traveler Senior Editor while Haueter used to be the Aviation Safety Director of NTSB.

Despite the scepticism, considering the desperation of the authorities and the loved ones of the missing 239 crew and passengers, it is difficult to dismiss any breakthrough that could possibly lead to the missing jet's whereabouts.

On the other hand, the Chinese government urged the Malaysian government to speed up its search and criticized the decision to ask help from a witch doctor five days after Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 remained missing and a consistent clue is yet to be established.  

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