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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Marcos Maidana Update: Adrien Broner Is Stronger Than Floyd, Maidana Says

Mar 24, 2014 07:09 AM EDT
Marcos Maidana
(Photo : Reuters) Based on his successful fight against Adrien Broner, Marcos Maidana says Floyd Mayweather is a weaker boxer than his previous opponent.

Marcos Maidana is feeling confident about winning his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather. According to Maidana, he has faced a much stronger fighter previously in the form of Adrien Broner, according to BoxingScene.

Maidana said, "I believe that Mayweather is not as strong as Broner. He is a better boxer [than Broner] but I think that he is not as strong. I believe that, because [during out fight] Broner felt very strong and I do not see Mayweather being [strong] like that."

 "Also, Mayweather often goes against the ropes and that's where he's in danger [of getting hit with punches], " the Argentine boxer added.

Maidana fought Broner on Dec. 14. He won the fight via unanimous decision which gave the American boxer his first loss in his professional boxing career, BBC reported.

His dominating performance against Broner is actually what impressed Floyd which led to his decision to choose him as his next opponent.

Since he defeated Broner, Maidana believes he can overpower Mayweather.

But aside from relying on his strength, Maidana said he is also mentally prepared for his upcoming fight on May 3. And although he feels honored that he was picked instead of Amir Khan for the match, Mayweather should not expect that Maidana will be a respectful boxer once they enter the ring.

Maidana said, "I am going to train well, I am going to go out there and fight without fear and without respecting him. There are many boxers that when they are in the ring with Floyd, they are afraid. He is not going to intimidate me."

He continued, "I want to beat him. Canelo Alvarez did not go after him. He didn't do anything and allowed [Mayweather] to work. I always go out to press my rival, to corner him and to unload my punches, and with Mayweather I am going to do the same."

Maidana is set to face Mayweather on May 3 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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