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Google Glass Saves Life of Man with Bleeding Brain, Doctor Says

Apr 09, 2014 11:32 AM EDT
Google Glass
(Photo : REUTERS) The highly awaited gadget will have a limited “release” on April 15 so users can help Google in testing and developing it.

A Boston doctor claimed that Google Glass helped him save the life of a man whose brain was bleeding. His story was featured as part of Google's campaign to showcase Google Glass' capabilities and how it can be of help in the workplace.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Dr. Steven Horng was wearing Google Glass, a wearable device that can be used to search for information or check emails while on the go, while he was working on a man with bleeding brain in 2013, Vanity Fair reported.

At the time, the doctor knew that the patient was allergic to some drugs used to stop the bleeding.

However, he had no information on specific drugs he was allergic to, and he had no time to leave the patient.

With Google Glass, Dr. Horng managed to call up the patient's medical records on the wearable device.

In no time, the doctor found the information he needed and was able to stabilize the patient's condition.

According to Dr. Horng, Google Glass reduces his busywork while allowing him to spend more time with his patients.

He said that the wearable device enabled him to quickly access information he urgently needed without having to excuse himself, lose eye contact, disturb the patient or even leave the room.

Because of Dr. Horng's testimony, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center decided to expand its usage of Google Glass.

Doctors working in the ER will wear the device during their shifts while using QR codes posted on the room doors of the patients to access their records.

Since the device worn by the doctors is not standard, Wearable Intelligence stripped out its software and replaced it with an Android version.

Using the modified Glass, the doctors are enabled to access information quickly.

However, patient data is not shared with Google and the doctors cannot take the device off the Wi-Fi network of the medical center, The Verge reported.

Prior to this, Google announced partnership with Luxottica for the design of Google Glass.

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