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Sep 02, 2014 Last Updated: 21:09 PM EDT

DKNY is First Brand to Test New Product Hunting Technology at In-Store Event

Apr 14, 2014 12:21 PM EDT
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There are plenty of mobile applications and other devices available today that allow users to find items that are similar to garments and accessories they come across and want to purchase.

But Awear Solutions, a Tel-Aviv, Israel-based company, is attempting to take this type of shopping to the next level with a device that will allow users to buy the exact item they spot on the street, at a party, etc.

"It will not give you similar items - but the exact [one]," Awear Solutions co-founder Liron Slonimsky told WWD of this new device, which has three main functions: to tell a user what product it is and how to purchase it, to make sure the product is authentic and to provide brands with a way to gather data and connect with their consumers.

This dime-sized chip transforms items into "smart" objects and can identify products from a distance of up to 30 feet. By using the scan function, users can identify the brand of any items they're interested in, as well as the price, places it can be purchased at, available colors and sizes, as well as similar styles.

DKNY is slated to be the first brand to test this new hardware out. At an event on Monday at the brand's flagship shop on Madison Avenue, 20 items in the store, including apparel, shoes and accessories, will be tagged with the chip. Guests at this event will be instructed to download Awear Solution's app and select an "egg." These 20 eggs are linked with an item in the store, and the app will direct users to the hidden Easter "egg" they selected, with a screen changing from red or blue to provide "hot" or "cold" clues as participants get closer or further away from their object. Once users find their item, the app will reveal full details about the object.

"I can see it becoming an industry standard in a matter of years, attached to every item just like another label," said Yuli Ziv, an Awear Solutions advisory board member who called the tool the "missing link between social and retail."

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