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Postpartum Depression Affects Young Fathers Too, Study Shows

Apr 15, 2014 01:56 PM EDT
Postpartum Depression Affects Young Fathers Too, Study Shows
(Photo : Reuters) A study has revealed that young fathers are also at an increased risk of postpartum depression

A study revealed that young fathers are at an increased risk of postpartum depression, which is commonly known to be affecting mothers.

A serious mental health problem, postpartum depression is characterized by a continued period of emotional disorder that occurs after the birth of a newborn infant that requires care. 

It is the first study to ascertain the stage when young fathers are at such risk of developing the symptoms of this type of depression.

Included in the research, which was published in the Pediatrics journal, was a nationally representative sample of adolescents in the United States who were followed in various waves over approximately two decades into young adulthood.

The data used were collected from 10,623 young men who were enrolled in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which is also called Add Health.

Among the young men who were aged approximately 25 when they became fathers and who lived with their children in the same home, there was an average 68% increase in depressive symptoms increased the first five years of their fatherhood, KFOR reported.

According to lead author Craig Garfield, M.D., new mothers are not the only ones who have to be screened for depression, Deccan Chronicle reported.

He asserted that parental depression has a harmful effect on kids, especially during the first crucial years of attachment between parents and infants.

Since fathers are at risk, as well, Garfield said that there is a need to do a better job of helping young fathers to transition through the period when parent-infant attachment takes place.

Garfield is a Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine associate professor in Medical Social Sciences and Pediatrics.

Results of the research also revealed that fathers suffering postpartum depression tend to neglect their children. Because of this, it is crucial to identify its symptoms in young fathers in its early stage, Fox News reported.



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