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Marissa Webb Named Creative Director, Executive Vice President of Design at Banana Republic

Apr 15, 2014 03:16 PM EDT
Marissa Webb
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Just a day after Banana Republic announced its plans to collaborate with Roland Mouret, the retailer has shared some more exciting information.

According to a press release by Banana Republic's parent company, Gap Inc., the retailer has tapped designer Marissa Webb to take on the roles of creative director and executive vice president of design.  In addition to overseeing the women's, men's and accessories categories, Webb will also be responsible for guiding Banana Republic's overall creative direction.

"I am so excited for Marissa to bring her own special touch to the brand," Banana Republic's global president Jack Calhoun said.

"What she delivers today is so fresh and relevant, I know her design sensibility will move Banana Republic forward in our effort to deliver Modern American style. I can't wait to have her on board."

Webb is slated to begin her new job on April 28, but her designs for Banana Republic won't debut until summer 2015.

"I'm thrilled to be joining the extremely passionate, talented design and creative teams at Banana Republic," Webb said.

"The brand has such a beautiful history which I truly admire. This is an amazing opportunity for me to combine my unique vision with a brand that has such a strong legacy. I'm excited to be joining Banana Republic and being able to make an impact for our modern customer."

Gap Inc. has purchased a minority stake in Webb's clothing line, which she will maintain once she begins working at Banana Republic. Prior to launching her own line in 2011, Webb was in charge of womenswear at J. Crew. Webb also previously worked at Polo and Club Monaco.

What do you think of Banana Republic's decision to hire Webb? Do you think she is the right person for the job? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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