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Dior Homme Collection Shown In Shanghai

Apr 21, 2014 02:49 PM EDT
Dior Homme
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Dior Homme showcased its fall 2014 collection in Shanghai. 

The French fashion house's menswear label, under the direction of creative director Kris Van Assche, presented the line to more than 700 guests in the Chinese city.

According to WWD, the latest collection was shown on Friday, April 18 in the newly opened Long Museum in the city, making it the second time Dior's menswear label has been presented in Asia, the first being last year's Beijing show.

Van Assche was very excited to show Dior Homme outside of Paris, claiming the strong presence the label has in the region.

"The fact that we are doing this again here in Shanghai makes me very happy and satisfied," he said. "It proves Dior Homme is doing very well here. Obviously this is a strong market."  

The extravagant event was attended by VIP celeb guests such as Korean model and actor Park Hae-jin, Mark Chao Yu-ting, a Taiwanese actor, and Chinese model Anna Wang.

For the Chinese presentation, Van Asshe wanted to turn up the dial on presentation, giving the crowd a spectacular show to enjoy.

The show, which included both Chinese models as well as international models who flew in to present the collection, took place on a two-tiered runway wrapped around a concrete wall inside the museum.

"I would say tonight visually will be more spectacular," Van Assche said of the show. "In Paris, I really wanted to focus on the clothes because it is so much about details. I did not want any distraction for the Parisian show. But bringing the same collection here today allows for the incorporation of a more visual effect."  

The show is part of a bigger effort for Dior to expand into the Asian market. Earlier this month, the design house presented the Christian Dior spring 2014 haute couture collection in Hong Kong.

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