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Judging Day at the Fashion Institute of Technology: Industry Experts Select Designs to be Featured in Future of Fashion Show [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Apr 23, 2014 12:03 PM EDT
(Photo : Britteny Dee)

Tuesday was judgement day for graduating fashion design students at the Fashion Institute of Technology hoping to have their designs featured in this year's Future of Fashion runway show.

About 250 mannequins dressed in sportswear, knitwear, intimate apparel, special occasion and children's wear pieces filled the university's Great Hall as a team of fashion industry experts judged them and decided which items were strong enough to be featured in the upcoming runway show, which is scheduled to take place on May 1.  

The judges included Kate Betts, author of "Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style" and contributing editor of Travel + Leisure magazine and ELLE Décor; Bryanboy, famed fashion blogger; Alana Kelen, senior stylist at MTV Networks; Colleen Sherin, senior fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue; Lilliana Vazquez, founder and creative force behind, author of "The Cheap Chica's Guide to Style: Secrets to Shopping Cheap and Looking Chic" and host and producer for New York LIVE on WNBC-TV; and Beagy Zielinski, founder of L'Armoire Du Stylist.

"Overall, I'm insanely impressed. It's amazing what they've done. Some of the talent here I can see in Bergdorf Goodman right now, especially the lingerie. I'm incredibly impressed," Zielinski, a first-time judge, told us.  

When it comes to judging the garments, Zielinski said she was looking for innovative and unique designs.

"The youth should be bringing something new to the table. That's what I'm looking for from them, and then amazing craftsmanship. They're the up-and-coming designers we're going to be seeing on the runways in the coming years," she told us.

While some students waited anxiously yesterday to find out if their work would be featured in the Future of Fashion show, Peter Do was able to relax knowing that one of his designs, which was featured in the Critics' Choice section, had already made the cut.

"It feels good. I actually have two garments, so I'm waiting for the other one, but this one is in, and I'm really happy about it," Do said. 

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