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Pope Francis Tells a Woman Married to a Divorced Man She Can Take Communion

Apr 24, 2014 05:21 AM EDT
Pope Francis
(Photo : Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi) The leader of the Roman Catholic Church announced that he will meet with a group of victims of sexual abuse from members of the church and that some members of the clergy are already under investigation.

Pope Francis has phoned an Argentine woman who is married to a divorced man to tell her she can take Communion - something that most priests do not allow following the Catholic teaching.

According to The Telegraph, Jacqui Lisbona wrote a letter to the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, saying her local priest had declined to give her Communion, because she was married to a man who was previously divorced.

Lisbona and her previously divorced husband had a civil wedding ceremony, because they are not allowed to be married in church.

"[The local priest] told me that every time I went home, I was going back to living in sin," Lisbona wrote in the letter.

In her letter, Lisbona, who has two teenage daughters with her current husband of 19 years, expressed her apprehension that if she received Communion from a priest who is not familiar with her marriage background she would be violating the Catholic Church teaching.

Pope Francis phoned the letter sender at her home in the central region of Santa Fe on Easter Monday, April 21.

The Pope reportedly told Lisbona: "a divorcee who takes communion is not doing anything wrong."

"There are some priests who are more papist than the Pope," Pope Francis reportedly said in response to the priest who denied giving Lisbona a Communion.

"We would neither confirm nor deny that - this was a private telephone call made by the Holy Father and we would not divulge the details," a spokesman for Vatican told The Telegraph.

The news, whether or not it is true, could be seen as the Pope's first step in upholding his belief the Catholic Church should give divorcees and their partners with more compassion.

The said phone call from the Pope was answered by Lisbona's husband Julio Sabetta. According to Sabetta, the Pope introduced himself as "Father Bergoglio" and apologized it had taken him long to answer Lisbona's letter. The phone conversation came six months after Lisbona sent her letter, and lasted for 10 minutes.


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