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Jul 30, 2014 Last Updated: 08:12 AM EDT
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Alicia DiMichele Leaves 'Mob Wives' and Retracts Guilty Plea for Embezzling Union Funds

Apr 24, 2014 07:16 AM EDT
Alicia DiMichele
(Photo : YOUTUBE) Reality TV star Alicia DiMichele resigned from "Mob Wives" to improve her image amid an embezzlement scandal involving her husband's trucking company.

Reality TV star Alicia DiMichele resigned from "Mob Wives" to improve her image amid an embezzlement scandal involving her husband's trucking company, NY Daily News has learned.

DiMichele, 40, did not elaborate on the issue during her Wednesday Federal Court hearing in Brooklyn, NY where she dropped another bomb — she took back her guilty plea to embezzling funds from Colombo enforcer Edward "Tall Guy" Garafalo, Jr.'s company.

According to insiders, the reality star forwarded her resignation to the VH1 cable channel, where "Mob Wives" is aired, three weeks ago.

“I can’t talk about that,” DiMichele told reporters of her resignation.

DiMichele, who is also the proprietor and founder of the Addiction Boutique in Cherry Hill, N.J., was earning $8,000 for every "Mob Wives" episode before she left. This led to prosecutors arguing that the reality star could easily pony up the $96,000 for the fine.

“The word is that she trying to present a better image to the judge,” a source told the Daily News.

“She’s trying to fix her image.”

However, Federal Judge Sandra Townes, who is currently presiding DiMichele's case, is placing more importance on finalizing the amount of restitution she owes Teamsters Local 282.

The figure agreed upon by the reality star's lawyer and the government amounts to $20,000. The union's counsel is pushing for $2.8 million, including 18% interest.

The federal judge said she could not accept the amount offered by DiMichele and her counsel and allowed the reality star to retract her guilty plea.

“I’m relieved and as always I’m staying positive,” said DiMichele.

“We expect there will be a new plea that satisfies the government and the defense without having her potentially liable for $2 million in restitution,” stated defense attorney John Wallenstein.

DiMichele faced up to six months jail time under the plea deal.

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