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Eden Miller Talks Being First Designer to Show Plus-Size Line at New York Fashion Week [PHOTO]

Aug 27, 2013 04:11 PM EDT
(Photo : Cabiria)

This season's schedule for New York Fashion Week will look slightly different from seasons past because for the first time ever, a plus-size line has been added to the lineup.

Eden Miller, who owns her own plus-size clothing line, Cabiria, is one of six designers chosen by the Fashion Law Institute to be a part of its showcase during the spring runway shows.

Miller told Fashionista that although she is incredibly excited to be the first designer to show a plus-size collection at New York Fashion Week, she has also been under a lot of pressure.

"There's a certain amount of pressure to show that this is still high fashion, that this is part of the fabric of the fashion world as it is now, in 2013," she told the website.

"It's not an indie showcase, it's not these indie designers trying to make a scene or some punk kid coming in trying to be an upstart."

As for the models she plans to use in her show, Miller said other than being a bit heavier, they aren't much different than your typical runway model.

"My girls are standard runway height, they have beautiful walks - I didn't hire anybody who couldn't walk on a runway," she said.

"I just wanted the show to feel like it is part of the tent show. It's not the freak show on the side." 

It is Miller's hope that the show goes over smoothly and is considered to be just another part of the week's fashionable festivities. 

"I'm hoping it becomes a non-issue," she said.

"I hope that it's a beautiful show. I mean, I'll be happy to get press coverage ... but I'm really hoping that it's seen just as the other offerings at fashion week."

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