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Carrie Fisher's Impressive 40-Pound Weight Loss for 'Star Wars Episode VII' Proves Her Commitment

May 13, 2014 03:19 AM EDT
Carrie Fisher
(Photo : Carrie Fisher/Twitter) Actress Carrie Fisher successfully lost 40 pounds for her role in the now filming “Star Wars Episode VII” film.

Actress Carrie Fisher successfully lost 40 pounds for her role in the now filming "Star Wars Episode VII" film.

Fisher's mom, Debbie Reynolds appeared on the show "Extra" recently and revealed that her daughter significantly changed her body for the movie. She looks terrific, she's lost 40 pounds, she's very excited as we all are 'cause we all love Star Wars," Reynolds said.

In the past, Fisher has struggled with mental illness and substance abuse and has found it very difficult to maintain her desired weight. As such, her recent weight loss proves her commitment not only to her role in the upcoming "Star Wars" film but also her commitment in improving her general lifestyle.

The returning Fisher will continue to portray her role as Leia in the film. Shortly after it was announced that there will be another installment to the "Star Wars" franchise, predictable rumors circulated claiming that Fisher will be reprising her role as Leia and it's definitely true, Web Pro News reported.

Another rumor claimed that Fisher and co-star Mark Hamill were both assigned personal trainers to help them get into shape for their roles. Meanwhile, Hamill has also significantly lost a few pounds which also proves that anything is possible if you set your mind and heart into it.

In 2008, Fisher published her autobiography entitled "Wishful Drinking," where she poked fun on herself and her body. Just last week, she did a similar thing in a tweet and wrote, "Does this tweet make me look fat?"

There are only a few celebrities in Hollywood today who are well-aware that the media scrutinizes their weight more than their acting abilities, and one such celebrity is Fisher. But now it seems that everyone can go hush-hush when it comes to her body and her weight that has improved dramatically over the past year.

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