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Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' Album Ranks Number One in Over 50 Countries

May 14, 2014 08:51 AM EDT
Michael Jackson Xscape
(Photo : Michael Jackson Xscape Album) The late Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” album has topped the digital charts in more than 50 countries to date.

The late Michael Jackson's "Xscape" album has topped the digital charts in more than 50 countries to date.

After Xscape's much-awaited release earlier this week, the album received a slew of positive comments from music critics and self-confessed Jackson fans.

The death of Jackson did not stop producers from investing their time and money in ensuring that the King of Pop's eight unheard tracks will be given the contemporary reworking it deserves, so that everyone can listen to the legend's voice, even if he's long gone.

"Love Never Felt So Good," the first single off the album, debuted at the iHeart Radio Music Awards earlier this month.

The song, which was initially penned for Jackson Paul Anka in 1983 featured Justin Timberlake's unique voice. Other singers heard on the album include Mary J Blige and D'Angelo, Independent reported.

"Any artist, I don't care what genre you do, you should always aspire to be like Michael Jackson," Timberlake said back in 2012.

One of the more controversial songs in the eight-track album, entitled "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" is believed to be about Jackson's child sex abuse allegations.

The lyrics tell the story of a 12-year-old girl who ends up as a prostitute after fleeing abuse from her stepfather.

Unlike "Xscape," Jackson's first album after his death, "Michael," released in 2009, proved to be a huge disappointment. Critics have claimed that some of the tracks in the album were performed by a paid impersonator.

Epic Records released "Xscape" after CEO LA Reid was granted exclusive access to Jackson's four-decade archive of materials.

Meanwhile, there are still some people who are not happy with Jackson's newest album, his brother Jermaine Jackson included.

According to reports, Jermaine is disappointed with the album, but confirmed that he has yet to listen to all of his younger brother's songs.

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