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Time Inc. Honored 10 NYC Startups to Watch During Internet Week New York [Exclusive Interview]

May 22, 2014 12:10 PM EDT
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Earlier this month, Time Inc. revealed who made it on its 2014 "10 NYC Startups to Watch" list, and on Wednesday night, those ambitious companies were honored at a party hosted to coincide with Internet Week New York.

The 10 companies being recognized this year include Cover, an app that makes waiting for the check at restaurants a thing of the past; Flatiron Health, which builds software for the oncology industry; GlamSquad, which delivers professional and affordable at-home beauty services on short notice; Hatch, an e-commerce site that specializes in customizable wares; Maker's Row, which makes the manufacturing process easy to understand; Niche, a network for social media creators; Placemeter, which measures how busy any street, store or neighborhood in the world is in real time; Retoy, a next-generation toy company; Strolby, an online marketplace that sells locally made products from small shops; and Venmo, a social app that allows users to send and receive money.

"The startup scene in New York City is one of the most dynamic in the world thanks to the city's role as a capital for industries from finance and fashion to media and marketing," Colin Bodell, Time Inc. chief technology officer and a member of the selection team, said in a statement.

"This year's honorees include several exciting ventures that we believe are on the verge of their breakout moment in 2014 and some that have already made major strides."

Wednesday night's party is one of the signature events of Internet Week New York and brought together leading entrepreneurs who are driving New York City's digital renaissance with prominent members of the media and technology industries.

Lara Fitch, the CEO of Strolby, said she was honored that her website, which has only been live for about eight months, was named to Time Inc.'s prestigious list this year.

"It's so exciting. We're so new. To be recognized this early is huge," she told us.

Strolby, which launched in Brooklyn last fall, started with just five local shops and has since expanded to include more than 20.

"We're an e-commerce site for small shops - the idea being that each small shop on its own is going to have a hard time drawing in a lot of customers, but if you can combine their selling power, they're all going to be stronger for it," Strolby said.

"We're really about finding boutiques that are different from anybody else out there." 

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