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Ralph Lauren to Launch Capsule Collection to Benefit East Hampton Historical Society

May 23, 2014 11:16 PM EDT
Ralph Lauren and Ricky Anne Loew-Beer
(Photo : Getty Images/ Chris Jackson)

Ralph Lauren is giving back once again.

In honor of Lauren's latest cause, which is in regards to the restoration of the Mulford Farm and the Hedges Barn in the Village of East Hampton, N.Y., he's launching an East Hampton Historical Collection where 50 percent of the purchase price from every item that is sold will go to benefit the East Hampton Historical Society, according to WWD.

Considering Lauren has been a supporter of the East Hampton Historical Society for quite awhile, this next venture just makes too much sense for Lauren.

According to Ralph Lauren, "In summer 2008, Ralph Lauren partnered with the East Hampton Historical Society to refurbish Mulford Farm inside and out, committing nearly half a million dollars to its rehab."

"This year, the two organizations are zeroing in on a new project: bringing the historic Hedges Barn to the farm in order to rescue it from dilapidation. Although the barn, built circa 1795, is already native to East Hampton, this move will give it a more prominent location since it will become part of an established landmark."

Richard Barons, the executive director at the East Hampton Historical Society, commented about the project to RL Magazine, "The Hedges Barn project is about bringing a threatened historic 18th-century building to the farm. Rather exciting!"

Now, a little more on the collection that will provide a way for all of us to help support this project.

Here's what you can expect to find in Lauren's upcoming collection.

There will be hooded sweaters and T-shirts, baseball caps and beach totes that are branded with the marks of East Hampton Historical Society, as WWD pointed out.

Did we tell you how excited we are for this? Not only does this help a great cause but what a nice way to acknowledge Lauren's roots as really an all-American brand, especially with the product offering.

Starting on Monday, Memorial Day, the merchandise will be available for purchase at the Polo Ralph Lauren East Hampton store and via the Ralph Lauren website.

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