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Creationists Claim Dinosaur Skeleton in Creation Museum Debunks Evolution; Evidence Contrary to Young Earth Dogma, Scientists Say

May 25, 2014 01:04 AM EDT
Creation Museum
(Photo : Youtube / video5943) Researchers of the Creation Museum claimed the facility's Allosaurus skeleton proves that dinosaurs existed during the time of Noah's great flood.

Researchers of Petersburgh, Kentucky's Creation Museum claimed that its Allosaurus skeleton exhibit proves that the theory of evolution is wrong.

The dinosaur, named Ebenezer, was unveiled to the public Saturday. It measures ten feet high and 30 feet long, Design&Trend reported.

According to the museum's founder, Ken Ham, detailed investigations on Ebenezer's skeletal remains suggest that the dinosaur drowned in the great flood Biblical character Noah and his family faced.

Ham noted that unlike the dinosaur exhibits featured by other museums, Ebenezer is considered as a key factor in proving the events detailed in the Bible's creation story.

"For decades I've walked through many leading secular museums, like the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and have seen their impressive skeletons," the founder said. "But they were used for evolution."

"Now we have one of that class, and it will help us defend the book of Genesis and expose the scientific problems with evolution," Ham continued.

As to how Ham and his team came to the conclusion that Ebenezer was killed during Noah's great flood, the museum stated its skeletons were intact when it was first discovered. This suggests that the dinosaur was buried immediately by mud and sediment brought on by a big flood.

John Whitmore, associate professor of Geology at Cedarville University in Ohio, supported the Creation Museum's theory about Ebenezer. He explained that the way the dinosaur was preserved and the debris found around its skeleton accurately reflect what he would most likely see in an event such as the great flood depicted in the Bible, according to The Wire.

"Secular geologists have said 'this is a flood plain' or 'these are all river deposits,' buts its difficult to understand, from a secular, uniformitarian form of thinking, how a deposit like that could be made," Whitmore said. "I think a catastrophic origin for that formation and all fossils in it is very reasonable."  

Despite the museum's strong conviction regarding Ebenezer's connection with Creationism, representatives from the National Park Services said Ham's claims are not consistent with historical facts, reported.

According to the organization Morrison Formation the exact place in Colorado where the Allosaurus was discovered existed during the late Jurassic period, which is about 148 to 155 million years ago. This certainly does not line up with the museum's claim that the great flood occurred 4,500 years ago. 

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