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Miranda Kerr Poses on the Cover of Lucky Magazine; Dishes on Son Flynn, Reveals the Best Beauty and Health Tips [WATCH]

May 28, 2014 09:38 AM EDT
Miranda Kerr
(Photo : Lucky Magazine June July 2014 Issue) Supermodel Miranda Kerr graced the cover of Lucky Magazine’s June/July issue wearing a colorful floral ensemble that will make everyone look forward to the summer season.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr graced the cover of Lucky Magazine's June/July issue wearing a colorful floral ensemble that will make everyone look forward to the summer season.

During an interview with the publication, Kerr giddily opened up about her four-year-old son Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

The doting mother revealed that she and her son share the same sense of humor, US Weekly noted.

"Flynn makes me laugh so much. We have the same sense of humor, which no one else understands. I'll look at something and laugh, and then he'll laugh, and it's so contagious," Miranda said.

The 31-year-old mom of one also revealed how she got her sexy body back after giving birth to Flynn in 2011. "I just loved breast-feeding. It was something that came very easily to me and it helped speed up my metabolism. I nursed for a year and a half, and  I pumped when I was at work."

Kerr, who has been working as a model for the past 17 years confessed that she has never been so sick she had to cancel a previous engagement.

Kerr also dished a thing or two about her healthy lifestyle, revealing that some of her best and most effective health secrets include colloidal silver, olive-leaf extract and manuka honey.

When it comes to exercise, Kerr confessed: "I exercise every day, even if it's just 10 minutes of squats or yoga or lunges or butt lifts. It really makes a difference."

In addition to her successful modeling career, Kerr also happens to be the founder of Kora Organics, a range of organic beauty products that was first launched in 2009.

As such, the beauteous model makes it a point to keep her skin glowing and shared that her beauty regimen includes the use of natural skin care products - from her cleanser, toner to her moisturizer and oil at night.

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