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Melissa McCarthy Reveals No Designer Wanted to Dress Her for the Oscars: 'I Asked But They All Said No!'

Jun 05, 2014 01:50 AM EDT
Melissa McCarthy
(Photo : Redbook July 2014 Issue) Melissa McCarthy is on the cover of Redbook’s July issue and the actress revealed how difficult it was to have fashion designers say yes to create an Oscars gown for her.

Melissa McCarthy will grace the cover of Redbook's July issue in which the actress revealed how difficult it was to have fashion designers say yes to creating an Oscars gown for her.

The "Mike and Molly" star has started her own line of plus-size clothing line after she was rejected by at least five or six designers who said they don't create dresses for her size, News OK reported.

In 2012, McCarthy was nominated for an Academy Award for her witty role in "Bridesmaids" but the "Tammy" actress confessed she was unsure of what she was going to wear.

"Two Oscars ago, I couldn't find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers. Very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people, and they all said no," McCarthy shared.

So instead of sulking over the rejection, McCarthy took a stand and decided to create her own clothing line, according to the NY Daily News.

"When I go shopping, most of the time I am disappointed," she said. The happily married wife of Ben Falcone and mom of two kids, Vivian, 6, and Georgette, 3, said her family is her most-prized possession.

"Success doesn't define us, even though we love what we do. The important thing is our family and kids," McCarthy explained.

At one point, McCarthy's youngest daughter asked her if she was famous and she said, "Famous doesn't mean anything. Just because people know my face doesn't mean they know us or that it makes us any more interesting or better."

The actress also dished on what it was like being bullied for her weight and confirmed that she once went through a Goth phase back in college. "I wore white kabuki makeup, had blue-black hair. And at one point I shaved an inch and a half around my hairline and continued the white make up so it made my head look slightly deformed."

Redbook July 2014 issue is set to hit newsstands starting June 10. 

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