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Suki Waterhouse Designs for Superga

Jun 06, 2014 07:17 PM EDT
Suki Waterhouse for Superga
(Photo : Superga UK/ Twitter)

Superga, the Italian trainer brand, has partnered with Suki Waterhouse to design three styles for the brand's popular flatform shoe that are slated to launch in late August.

"I spent a lot of time putting paper over my laptop screen and tracing things for inspiration, that bit was tricky," Waterhouse remarked to Vogue UK. "I was in Paris over that time, so ideas came from shop windows and my experience there. It was a really interesting process, I learned a lot."

Waterhouse described her designs for the collection as "happy little hearts."

For Superga's spring/summer 2014 campaign, which Waterhouse fronts, the brand worked to exude "an effortlessly casual grace," and "an artful dishevelment [where] the style needs not boast the thought and concept that has created an outfit, instead lending a modern interpretation to a timeless notion," according to the Telegraph.

Waterhouse may be well-known for her time in front of the camera, such as fronting Burberry's Brit Rhythm campaign, she has been involved on the creative side before.

Along with Imogen Morris Clarke, Waterhouse participated in the photography exhibition, I'll Be Your Mirror, which was hosted by Next Models and held at the Eb and Flow Gallery in London.

"Sometimes when you're in front of the camera, as much as I love that, I run home with my hair and make-up done, get in front of the mirror and think, 'Ok, now it's my turn. Let's create something that's on my terms,'" Waterhouse commented to Vogue UK.

"I've always wanted to have an exhibition, and I've been thinking of ways that I could have one for ages. I hope some people go home and feel a little Sukified. It's a bit of me put out there on a wall."

For Waterhouse's time designing for Superga, she stated to Vogue UK, "I loved doing it."

In regards to her designing some more products, "Let's see what happens next," she noted.

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