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Cifonelli to Launch Ready-to-Wear Line

Jun 13, 2014 11:40 AM EDT
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Paris-based luxury brand Cifonelli is preparing to launch its first ready-to-wear collection.

With roots that date back to 1880, Cifonelli is slated to debut its new line, which has a combination of a English, French and Italian influences, in September.

"My cousin and I have been creating bespoke for the past 20 years, and we want to give new impetus to our house," Lorenzo Cifonelli, who runs the family-owned workshop with his cousin Massimo, told WWD.

"Our aim is not to copy other fashion brands, it's to give a new, more modern vision to our savoir faire."

The suits in this collection, which will feature fitted silhouettes, high armholes and generous lapels, will range in price from about $3,947 to $5,308. Cifonelli's 16-piece spring collection will be shown along a fall range, which will be available for immediate sale. In addition to three-piece suits, the spring collection will also include more casual pieces, such as cashmere-cotton blend jeans and Cifonelli's signature travel jacket. The color palette will consist of light grays, coral, lavender, deep blues and white.

Cifonelli said a "quest for excellence in the cut and fit has been favored over seeking a specific fashion standpoint. We have no intention of ever becoming a brand, but to stay a family with a passion for the product and its quality."

John Vizzone, the former senior vice president of Ralph Lauren's Purple and Black Labels, was hired as Cifonelli's head of style and will oversee the new ready-to-wear line.

In addition to suits and jeans, Cifonelli's forthcoming ready-to-wear collection will also include accessories, such as Italian-made shoes, as well as leather goods.

What do you think of Cifonelli's decision to launch a ready-to-wear line? Will you shop the brand's debut collection when it becomes available? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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