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Fashion Grandpas Reinvent Street Style

Jun 14, 2014 11:14 AM EDT
Fashion Grandpas on Instagram
(Photo : Fashion Grandpas/ Instagram)

We recently shared insight into the Twitter account The Sarcastialist, which has fun with street photography. Now, we want to highlight the Instagram account of Fashion Grandpas.

This Instagram page shares with its followers the sometimes quirky but always stylish fashions of older gentleman.

Christina Belchere, public relations coordinator and the one behind Fashion Grandpas, spoke to on why she began the project.

"It is my love for menswear and my personal androgynous style. The cute and sassy grandpas in New York City made it too easy to compile a portfolio and create the account."

Although the pictures are really the main attraction, the text can be just as fun too. Take the caption for the below image.

"Definitely waiting for his #über. ***my apologies - Definitely waiting for his personal #chauffeur *** ..#steez #level10 #allwhiteeverything #shoes#mindexploding #pinstripesuit #fashiongrandpas#paralyzing #fashiongrandpaswestvillage #nyc"

Fashion Grandpas on Instagram
(Photo : Fashion Grandpas/ Instagram)

"One thing that I find consistent in a Fashion Grandpas' style is to always look smart," Belchere stated to "It is a sign of respect for yourself and respect for the people that have to look at you."

"You should always have one aspect of your outfit that shows you have class and one part that makes you look interesting. It is hard for an older man dressed to the nines to not look interesting. If they are wearing a beret or cute bow tie - or if they have a grumpy or confused or sassy look on their face - these things add another dimension to their appeal - then, they go up on @fashiongrandpas."

There is a lot of fashion insight to be taken away from Fashion Grandpas, which makes following the account that much more fun.

Enjoy some additional images below and share with us which ones you like the best.

Fashion Grandpas on Instagram
(Photo : Fashion Grandpas/ Instagram)


Fashion Grandpas on Instagram
(Photo : Fashion Grandpas/ Instagram)




Fashion Grandpas on Instagram
(Photo : Fashion Grandpas/ Instagram)



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