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The Founders of Hukkster, the 'Tinder of Shopping', Explain How They Are Making E-Commerce Better for the Masses

Jun 17, 2014 11:08 AM EDT
(Photo : Hukkster is like Tinder for shopping.

Shopping and dating are two very similar activities. You try on a dress and see if it fits just like you do with a date. And as we all know, we can pretty much tell if we like something or not within first sight. Otherwise why would the new dating app, Tinder, be so overwhelmingly popular? People know what they want when they see it and then they make a quick decision. So why shouldn't they get to do the same with shopping? And now they can with sales tracking tool Hukkster

This app has a new feature, called Hukk or Not, that allows users to browse and swipe a diverse array of items from more than 300 stores, including Anthropologie and Shopbop, in a clean, gallery-like display. With one swipe the user can add an item to a wishlist or discard it. Once an item is "Hukked" and saved, you can select your preferred size and color. Notifications via email or text will pop up the moment the product gets marked down. Pretty fun, right?

It's the simplicity that, according to Hukkster co-founder Katie Finnegan, is already driving unprecedented levels of engagement. "We're simplifying the path  to purchase by offering one place to browse products and gain access to real-time targeted sale alerts, and

Fashion Times spoke with Finnegan and co-founder Erica Bell  about this revolutionary new shopping app. 

What was your goal when you created Hukkster? 
We created Hukkster to save shoppers time and money!  After leaving our jobs as fashion merchandisers at J.Crew to work in management consulting, we were frustrated and overwhelmed by all the special deals and offers clogging up our inboxes.  We wanted to find relevant deals, but we didn't have time to sort thought all the noise, so we created Hukkster to do all that dirty work for us!  Now shoppers can access the deals they want, when they want and at a price that makes sense for them.  

Why is this a helpful app for not only fashionistas but just people who want to shop faster? 
Hukkster is a great tool for fashionistas looking to score the latest trends at affordable prices, but it's also a great tool for savvy shoppers looking to save on everything from electronics to housewares to wardrobe essentials!  Hukkster is compatible with over 300 online retailers and the average sale alert arrives in just 10-14 days, so there is huge opportunity for everyone to save! 

Clearly this Tinder type model is working. Why are people responding to it so well?
The swiping motion itself is extremely intuitive and when combined with compelling content that is easy to digest, it's downright addictive and we're seeing this firsthand!  Our shoppers are browsing 49 products on average - that's about 20 minutes per session!

What is next for Hukkster? Where would you like to see it in a year? 
Our goal is to simplify shopping for the masses.  By putting the consumer in the driver's seat, we're able to empower the masses like never before and with the success of Hukkor Not, we're really excited about rolling out additional fun new features that ultimately help everyone win at shopping!  



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