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Patrick Robinson Leaves Armani Exchange Following Design Plagiarism Rumors

Jun 25, 2014 04:04 PM EDT
Patrick Robinson
(Photo : Getty Images )

Designer Patrick Robinson has left Armani Exchange after rumors of plagiarism surfaced.

The former Gap creative director took on the position at the Italian brand back in 2013, but recent allegations have muddled his stint.

According to Page Six, Robinson was fired after David Yurman accused him of copying its bracelet's style. The A/X men's version, made of recycled bullets and handguns, was sold to raise proceeds for the nonprofit Liberty United to help fight gun violence.

However, an Armani Exchange rep denied the reports that the departure had anything to do with the supposed Yurman accusations.

"Patrick Robinson left the brand amicably several weeks ago," the rep told Page Six. "His departure and this alleged claim of Yurman sending us a cease-and-desist letter are entirely unrelated."  

Robinson, who's married to Vogue market director Virginia Smith, has worked for several labels in the past, including Perry Ellis, Anne Klein and Paco Rabanne.

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