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Jun 26, 2017 Last Updated: 05:22 AM EDT

J.Crew, Rebecca Minkoff And BCBG Among Brands Supporting Michelle Obama's Drink Up Campaign

Jun 28, 2014 10:24 PM EDT
Rebecca Minkoff for Drink Up Campaign
(Photo : Rebecca Minkoff)

First Lady Michelle Obama's Drink Up campaign is getting a boost from the fashion industry with notable brands such as J.Crew, Rebecca Minkoff, BCBG and Hervé Léger helping to not only spread the message about the campaign but also to give back to it.

"Being healthy is an important aspect of my life," Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of BCBG Max Azria, stated to Glamour.

"Water is an incredibly important part of achieving ultimate health. Staying hydrated throughout the day helps my body and mind stay fueled for a busy schedule."

Some of the products being offered by the fashion brands include t-shirts, beach towels and a water bottle display, according to Glamour.

"Fashion is one of the most visible cultural factors that we have," stated Nannis in regards to this collaboration.

"I am thrilled that leaders from across the fashion industry are coming together to help spread Drink Up's important message to drink more water, more often," stated Obama to the PHA. 

"Helping our children make healthy choices is an all-hands-on deck effort, and I applaud the leadership shown by BCBG, Bloomingdale's, Easy Spirit, HSN, J.Crew, Rebecca Minkoff and Skechers."

"Since its creation, Drink Up has focused on bringing unique organizations together to encourage everyone to drink water more often," added Lawrence A. Soler, PHA chief executive officer. 

"By showing their support for Drink Up today, the companies joining us continue their trendsetting traditions, reminding us all that water is always in style."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and as reported by the White House, about "one fourth of children do not drink any water on a given day. This new effort will remind people that drinking more water helps you have more energy to do more, longer and with better focus."

"We've tried hard not to look like a public health campaign," stated Drew Nannis, chief marketing officer of the PHA, to The Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ also highlighted that although this really is a public health campaign, it is about trying to encourage people to put down the sugary drinks, such as soda and fruit juice, and instead drink a glass of water.

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