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DKNY Launches Middle East-Focused Capsule Collection

Jul 01, 2014 10:15 PM EDT
Kuwait-based Yalda Golsharifi & Dubai-based Tamara Al Gabbani in DKNY Ramadan
(Photo : DKNY PR Girl/ Twitter)

DKNY debuted its Middle East-targeted capsule collection for summer 2014 today and is the brand's first regionalized campaign, according to Savoir Flair.

The Ramadan Capsule Collection coincides with the recent launch of the DKNY Middle East website, as Savoir Flair pointed out.

DKNY describes the collection in this way.

"The temperature is rising this summer, and we're feeling haute."

"The sizzle heightens with pieces inspired by cosmopolitan glam and pulled together with a fresh, festive spirit."

Additionally, DKNY has leveraged notable personalities from the area to front the campaign and style looks for the collection.

Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani are both well-known Middle Eastern bloggers.

DKNY also offers the opportunity for their customers to get to know Golsharifi and Al Gabbani through some Q&A on the brand's website.

One of the questions DKNY asked was, "What is your favorite part about Ramadan?"

Golsharifi responded, "I love the food, the gatherings and staying up late!"

While Al Gabbani commented, "Volunteering to aid the needy."

Fashion-related questions were also asked, such as DKNY asking, "Why does your style fit DKNY?"

Golsharifi answered, "My style is so flexible, and I like experimenting with different looks. I can go from a fun and casual daytime look to a chic night out look."

Al Gabbani replied, "Because it's simple, high-quality and stylish."

The hashtag #DKNYRamadan is also leveraged, which helps to tie Golsharifi and Al Gabbani's social media roots to the collection.

The campaign was photographed in Dubai by Emirati photographer Saeed Al Khalifa, according to Savoir Flair.

As Fashionista pointed out, the timing for DKNY to launch this regional capsule collection is quite strategic for a few reasons.

The Middle East contains a lot of wealth from individuals that appreciate luxury and/or branded products, which helps to explain why many other brands have also ventured over to the area.

Additionally, "there is a huge shopping rush in the weeks surrounding Ramadan, specifically. Wealthy Middle Easterners are apparently flocking to shopping destinations (London especially) to shop to their heart's content pre-Ramadan. London retailers have dubbed this period the Ramadan Rush," as Fashionista reported.

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