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Amanda Bynes Marijuana, Bong-Tossing and Other Charges Dismissed After Actress Maintains Clean Act for 6 Months

Jul 02, 2014 03:49 AM EDT
Amanda Bynes
(Photo : Reuters/Lucas Jackson) Amanda Bynes is now charge-free after a New York judge dismissed all of the charges pressed against her, Reuters has learned.

Amanda Bynes is now charge-free after a New York judge dismissed all of the charges pressed against her, Reuters has learned.

The former Nickelodeon star is reportedly over-the-moon happy after all the charges filed against her in connection with her NYC pot bust got dismissed this Monday, June 30.

Bynes reportedly kept her nose clean and maintained a clean act for 6 months, which convinced the judge to dismiss all of the charges pressed against her including: marijuana possession, reckless endangerment and evidence tampering, among others, noted TMZ.

In May last year, Bynes was arrested after an employee of a New York City building reported to authorities that the 28-year-old actress was smoking pot and acting erratically.

In an attempt to remove physical evidence against her act, Amanda threw the bong she used out of the window of her 36th floor apartment.

Bynes' lawyer Gerald Shargel and the prosecution had agreed that the "Sydney White" star's case should be resolved by an adjournment and dismissal if she maintained a clean act for six months and met the demands give to her by the court.

"We demonstrated today that she was in compliance and as we expected the case was dismissed and sealed," Shargel said of the dismissal of the charges against Bynes, who did not attend the hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court.

Amanda Bynes catapulted to fame at 13, when she starred in her own show "The Amanda Bynes Show" on Nickelodeon.

She has been a frequent subject of the media for her bizarre acts such as stimulating feuds against other celebs on Twitter, reported Enstarz.

In July last year, Bynes was sent to an involuntary psychiatric ward in Los Angeles after she set a neighbor's driveway on fire. She was released from the institution in December and has been staying with her parents since.

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