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Taylor Swift Shares ‘Family Portrait’ with Lena Dunham, Emma Stone

Jul 07, 2014 04:05 AM EDT
Taylor Swift Family Portrait
(Photo : Twitter) Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends posed for a “family portrait” during her Fourth of July party at her Rhode Island home.

Singer Taylor Swift spent the Fourth of July with her celebrity pals, and they have photos to prove it, Celebuzz reported.

The country and pop singer posted an Instagram photo on Sunday morning, in which she and her friends posed for a "family portrait."

Among Swift's guests are Emma Stone, "Girls" star Lena Dunham, "Hart of Dixie's" Jamie King, indie-pop star Ingrid Michaelson and "Gossip Girl" actress Jessica Szohr.

Stone's boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, and King's husband, Kyle Newman, also attended the star-studded party, according to US Weekly.

King, 35, also posted several Instagram videos of the group during the holiday weekend. In one clip, Swift, 24, was seen jumping into a pool on an inflatable turtle. "There is only one ninja turtle in town and that is @taylorswift," King wrote in the video caption.

After the pool-side shenanigans, the girls made their way into the kitchen to bake a patriotic cake - a nod to Swift's idol, Ina Garten - and an apple pie. "We made apple pie because America," the "22" singer captioned her photo.

There is another video showing Michaelson, Dunham and Swift trying to light up their festive sparklers.

Dunham also took to social media on Friday to share her Fourth of July plans. "4th of July is my Coachella," the "Girls" star posted on her Twitter . "Be free, ya noodles!"

The group also trooped out of the house for a swim in the ocean. "Sea stampede," Swift captioned a photo of the group running into the water.

Then, it was boat time for the group.

King posted a photo of the guests, including a scruffy-looking Garfield, posing on a boat.

"Portrait of heaven amongst friends. Taylor, Amanda, Ashley, Dan, Austin, Jessica, Jess, Odeya, Andrew, Emma, Colin, Vicky, Simon & Zac. Shot by @kyle_newman," the actress captioned the photo

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