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Ali Larter Will NOT be in NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn’

Jul 14, 2014 08:58 AM EDT
Ali Larter
(Photo : Reuters) Ali Larter said she will not reprise her role from "Heroes" in the reboot "Heroes Reborn" because she is busy working on the television series "Legends."

"Resident Evil" actress Ali Larter said she will not reprise her roles in "Heroes Reborn," NBC's reboot of the popular television series "Heroes," TV Guide reported.

In the original series, which aired from 2006 to 2010, Larter played multiple characters. She played the triplets Niki and Barbara Sanders and Tracy Strauss. Based on who she was playing, Larter's character displayed various powers such as superhuman strength and the ability to freeze anything she touches.

"Heroes Reborn" will feature an entirely new cast but will also have appearances from previous cast members such as Jack Coleman. Larter, however, clarified that she will not return to portray any of her characters from the original program.

According to the actress, she is currently busy working on her new television series "Legends."

"At this point, I think I've heard Jack is coming back, but I'm committed to 'Legeds,'" she said. "I'm on series, so I don't have the time to work on another project."

Larter then added that despite having fun working on "Heroes," her priority right now is focusing on the crime thriller "Legends" with her co-stars Sean Bean and Morris Chestnut, according to Screen Rant.

"Not that I didn't love 'Heroes' and loved working on it, but I'm just at a different stage of my life," she said. "I'm super excited and proud to be a part of this show and working with Sean Bean and an incredible cast."

Unlike Larter, her "Heroes" co-star Zachary Quinto, who played the villain Sylar, is still unsure about taking on his character once more in "Reborn," IGN has learned.

Aside from his busy schedule, the actor is also thinking about exploring other projects outside of the "Heroes" series.

"It's a challenge for me because that experience and role and opportunity really changed my life completely and sent me on a path that I might not have otherwise been on," he said.

"But at the same time I'm very interested in forward momentum," he added. "I'm very interested in expanding and defying people's expectations of me.

"Heroes Reborn" is set to premiere in 2015 and will run for 13 episodes.

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