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Hair Extensions Beauty

Fall 2016 Hair Trends

Summer is at an end so plan your fall refresh and get ahead of the trend curve with these stylish ideas that'll inspire you to take your crown to new hair heights.READ MORE

Model Backstage Beauty

Beauty Bucket List: Tips For Real Skin, Hair, Diet & Body Goals

Feeling bored? Thinking about a change or full-fledged makeover? When it comes to your beauty regime, change is good! We called upon several experts in dermatology, longevity, psychology and even plastic surgery for a few unexpected ideas to consider adding to your beauty bucket list. Check 'em out!READ MORE

Watermelon Coconut Oil Mask Beauty

DIY Hair Care Hack: The Watermelon Coconut Oil Mask That Will Save Your Hair

It's no secret that coconut oil is like liquid gold where hair is concerned. Just ask stars like Nicole Scherzinger and VH1's WAGS star Tia Sipman. "Dry hair slurps it up immediately, and you can feel and see the difference after a treatment," explained Wendy Rose Gould, beauty expert for MORE

Summer Hair Care Beauty

How To Protect & Treat Your Scalp In the Sun: Expert Shares Summer Hair Care Tips

Sunshine, swimming and sweat - these are the three mainstays of summer. But did you know they can damage not only your hair, but also your scalp? Don't let your hair and scalp suffer in the summer sun this season. Prominent hair health expert, Dr. Alan Bauman, shared some super helpful tips on how to keep your hair and scalp healthy in the heat.READ MORE

Coconut Beauty

Mother Nature's Beauty Secrets: 8 Different Beauty Hacks for Coconut Oil

So, start packing your beach bag early! Give Coconut Oil a try and replace the below 8 summer beauty essentials that are taking up room in your summer tote:READ MORE

Emma Roberts Beauty

Emma Roberts Dyes Hair & Goes From Blonde To Brunette

Take actress Emma Roberts, for example. The usually blonde actress debuted her new brown locks with cute blonde undertones this weekend, in preparation for the upcoming Coachella festivities. Our friends Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, co-founders of NINE ZERO ONE salon, created a beautiful new hue for the Scream Queens actress. Check out the advice these hair care pros gave us in case you're thinking of going darker for the warmer months.READ MORE

Eva Marie Beauty

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: WWE Diva's Star Eva Marie Talks Hair & Makeup Secrets Part 2

Although known for her fiery personality on "Total Divas," it is Eva Marie's ability to turn this act off and let her real "girl-next-door" personality shine through that has made her a great business woman as well as a beauty and fitness expert. We got a chance to chat with the red hot wrestling sensation to get her take on how to keep skin flawless with and without makeup.READ MORE

Shampoo Beauty

DIY Hydrating Mask with Sea Buckthorn Berry & Coconut Oil

The first day of spring is just days away! But you're still feeling the havoc winter wreaked on your hair, aren't you? Months of gusty winds, frigid temperatures and desert-like conditions inside your home have left you with dry, dull, brittle and frizzed-out locks that are in need of some major TLC.READ MORE

DIY Avocado Hair Mask Beauty

Easy DIY At Home Mask Tutorial: Nutrition Benefits of Avocado Recipe for Hair

Though it's possible you haven't tried it yourself, we're sure you've heard of putting avocado in your hair. No matter how messy you think it'll be though, and no matter how weird you think it seems, we cannot stress enough how great an avocado for hair treatment is!READ MORE

Bobby Pin Hairstyle Beauty

Hair How-To Tutorials: 7 Chic Ways to Wear Bobby Pins Part 2

Instead of hiding your Bobby pins, ever think about showing them off as part of your hairstyle Our friend, Wendy Rose Gould, beauty pro for says it's OK to go bold and boast those Bobby pins every now and then. "Of course, there's a time and place when you don't want your Bobby pins to show, but today we're here to set the Bobby pin free," she joked. Check out these stylish possibilities below!READ MORE

Anna Chlumsky Beauty

Get The Look: Anna Chlumsky at the 2016 SAG Awards

Sigh, how we love a simple and chic updo. It always, dare we say, "ups" the ante for any red carpet look. Our friend and Macadamia Professional International Creative Director, Giannandrea, styled actress Anna Chlumsky this past weekend for the SAG Awards and totally nailed what a great sleek topknot should truly look like. Check out how he did it.READ MORE

Mayonnaise Beauty

4 Easy DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask Ingredient Ideas In Your Kitchen

The winter is depleting our hair of its moisture! Looking for a solution? Skip the salon and head to your kitchen! Don't let the Arctic chill suck the life out of your locks.READ MORE

Pantone Color of the Year Hair Beauty

How To Wear The 2016 Pantone Colors of The Year For Hair Part 2

Have the new Pantone Colors of the Year inspired you to dye your hair a stunning shade of Rose Quartz or Serenity? Check out what Estelle Baumhauer, color director at eSalon, had to tell us about how to get the color right.READ MORE

Stayc Reigns Beauty

How To Wear The 2016 Pantone Colors of The Year For Hair

While some might consider the newest Pantone Colors of the Year to be wardrobe staple shades, others like Estelle Baumhauer, color director at eSalon, have hairier plans. If you thinking about Rose Quartz or Serenity as potential hair colors for the new year, check out her expert dye tips:READ MORE

Sebastian Professional Beauty

Holiday 2016 Hair Tutorial: How To Pin Curl Your Hair For Voluminous, Curly Waves

The holiday season is here, so let the office parties, dinner gatherings and soirees begin! Sooner rather than later, your calendar will be jammed packed with events, so our friends over at Sebastian Professional offered up the perfect look for the holiday season that never goes out of style — voluminous, wavy curls.READ MORE

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