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Jul 20, 2017 Last Updated: 15:31 PM EDT
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Keanan Duffty Fashion

Menswear Designer Keanan Duffty Accepts Senior Director Position For John Varvatos

Award-winning British fashion designer, musician, author and former professor at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Keanan Duffty, was recently named Senior Design Director of John Varvatos.READ MORE

Dinosaur Designs Design

Identities: Exclusive Interview With Louise Olsen And Stephen Ormandy Of Dinosaur Designs

On this week's Identities, an exclusive interview with founders Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Australia-based jewelry and housewares company, Dinosaur Designs.READ MORE

Sam Hood Design

Identities: Exclusive Interview With Amara Creative Director Sam Hood

Amara creative director and head buyer Sam Hood is highlighted in this week's Identities.READ MORE

Laura Burleson Design

Identities: Exclusive Interview With Interior Designer Laura Burleson

Florida-based interior designer Laura Burleson is receiving nationwide attention and is featured in this week's Identities.READ MORE

Decor Aid Design

Décor Aid Founders Sean Juneja, Markus Weber -- This Week's Identities

Décor Aid is one of today's most affordable, transparent and easily accessible interior decorating services founded by Sean Juneja and Markus Weber.READ MORE

Daun Curry Design

Exclusive Interview With Interior Designer Daun Curry

Our latest "Identities" features Manhattan-based interior designer Daun Curry.READ MORE

Luke Edward Hall Design

Identities: Exclusive Interview With Designer And Stylist Luke Edward Hall

London-based interior designer, stylist and artist Luke Edward Hall is one to watch out for.READ MORE

Shantell Martin Design

Exclusive Interview with Illustrator and Influencer Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin has completely changed the mold of what an artist has been known to be and has become one of today's most influential role models for more than just her drawings.READ MORE

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