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Water Faucet Beauty

Face Washing Tips: How to Cleanse Normal, Dry & Oily Skin Types

Even though we stick to the daily beauty routine, our skin is lacking that glow we crave! Why is that? Facial cleansing can often be the root cause. Check out what the dos and don'ts are when it comes to washing your face, according to beautypress.READ MORE

Bethenny Frankel Beauty

Bravo TV's 'Real Houswives of New York City' Bethenny Frankel Admits To Botox

Did she or didn't she? Well thankfully, we can count on Bethenny to be up front and honest about everything, so no need to get the scoop from anyone from the Skinnygirl herself! The beauty news these days is that Frankel has admitted to getting Botox for her jaw.READ MORE

Fruit Beauty

The Skin Care Benefits of Vegetable Oil For Your Skin Part 2

Vegetables certainly do a body good, but don't forget about the wonders they can do for your face! You already know how big a fan we are of facial oils, so why not combine the hydrating benefits of this skin care elixir with the natural nutrients some of the most healthy foods have to offer?READ MORE

Lipstick Beauty

Celebrate National Lipstick Day: How To Make Your Lip Color Look Flawless

With National Lipstick Day coming up tomorrow, we wanted to make that you are getting the most from your favorite lipstick without drying out your pout! A little known fact: lips are very sensitive and require extra care. While the right shade of lipstick can instantly transform a look, priming the lips can keep them looking and feeling their best for hours to come.READ MORE

Model Backstage Beauty

Beauty Bucket List: Tips For Real Skin, Hair, Diet & Body Goals

Feeling bored? Thinking about a change or full-fledged makeover? When it comes to your beauty regime, change is good! We called upon several experts in dermatology, longevity, psychology and even plastic surgery for a few unexpected ideas to consider adding to your beauty bucket list. Check 'em out!READ MORE

Vegetables Beauty

The Skin Care Benefits of Fruit & Vegetable Oil Extracts For Your Skin

Did you know that fruits and vegetables provide similar benefits for your skin? Mad Hippie gave us the 411 on what's inside these skin care goldmines. Check out what some of the benefits are!READ MORE

Tanning Beauty

5 Reasons Why You Should Spray Tan Versus Sun Tan

Who doesn't want their summer vacation selfies to be full of glowing, bronzed and sun-kissed skin? Don't we all? But here's a secret you might not have thought of before you board your plane or cruise ship. Spray tan beforehand!READ MORE

Vitamin C Beauty

The Benefits of Vitamin C? The Dangers For Your Skin During The Summer Explained Part 2

Do you add more citrus foods and drinks to your diet during the summer months? Well if you do, dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky wants you to know a few things that could help your skin this sunny season. Check out what the benefits and drawbacks of vitamin C can have for your summer.READ MORE

Citrus Beauty

The Benefits & Dangers of Vitamin C For Your Skin During The Summer Explained

We are always told that Vitamin C is the key to a healthy body and happy skin, but you might wanna revise this rule of thumb during the warmer months. Dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky warns that this nutritious citrus can also have its drawbacks. Read below to find out why.READ MORE

Woman Mirror Beauty

Bad Skin Care Habits & Why They're Aging You Part 2

If you are doing any of these beauty no-no's below, it's time to quit cold turkey! Cosmetic Dermatologist, Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Papantoniou says that aging skin starts to show up thanks to a lot of unintentional mistakes we all make each and everydayREAD MORE

Facial Beauty

The Dangers of Exfoliating Face Scrubs: Environmental & Skin Care Hazards Revealed Part 2

So if you haven't guessed by now, skin care expert to the stars Kerry Benjamin is no fan of exfoliating scrubs! Check out part one of out story to see what we mean. The L.A. beauty pro tends to some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, so her opinion on how to maintain your mug hold a lot of weight!READ MORE

Earrings Beauty

Are Your Ears Showing Your Age? How To Stop Your Lobes From Drooping

You may not have even given them much thought, they our ears do in fact change shape and appear to enlarge as we age. Yes, we have given you something else to worry about. Sorry, not sorry! You need to know this! The ears droop as the skin, fat and muscle relax over time.READ MORE

Facial Beauty

The Dangers of Exfoliating Face Scrubs:

L.A. based celebrity skincare expert Kerry Benjamin agrees. The beauty pro sat down with us to chat about how scrubs do more harm then good! Read below and find out why Kerry never lets her A-list red carpet stars use scrubs on their faces.READ MORE

Sweat Beauty

Got Sweat? New Botox Backside Treatment Trending As A Summer Must-Have

And now that summer is here, sweating in this area can happen to anyone, at any time. Over the past several years, more men and women have been requesting procedures and treatments to help overcome this type of sweating. So we did a rapid fire Q&A with Dr. Rowe do get the scoop on just exactly how this all works.READ MORE

Sunscreen Beauty

Bad Skin Care Habits & Why They're Aging You

You may be diligent about wearing sunscreen daily, using an anti-aging product and applying moisturizer. But there are a few mistakes that many women often make, not realizing that they are sabotaging their skin and causing wrinkles.READ MORE

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