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Bianca Espada Beauty

E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star Bianca Espada Shares On-Camera Beauty Secrets Part 2

E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star Bianca Espada Shares On-Camera Beauty Secrets Part 2READ MORE

Bianca Espada Beauty

E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star Bianca Espada Shares On-Camera Beauty Secrets

We got a chance to chat with the budding reality star to get the scoop on how she stays effortlessly flawless for the cameras.READ MORE

Nails Beauty

Manicure Pedicure: Professional Nail Expert Explains The Signs of Unhealthy Nails

But what happens when our talons tend to have issues and how can we identify the signs of unhealthy nails? Leave it to Frank Busch, Cutex Brand's lead chemist, to break it all down for us without breaking a nail.READ MORE

Vitamins Beauty

Vitamins: Tips On What Works For You In Your 20's, 30's, 40's & At Every Age Part 3

Click here if you missed part one for what vitamins to take in your 20's and 30's or part two for what works best in your 40s. And if you're over 50, check out what vitamin supplements will give you the boost you're looking for.READ MORE

Tia Shipman Beauty

E! Reality Show "WAGS" Star Tia Shipman Talks Makeup, Hair & Skin Care Part 2

The gorgeous Tia Shipman is a high fashion model, actress and the soon-to-be new "it girl" in town on the second season of E! Network's hit series "WAGS" (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars), premiering Sunday, June 26. We got lucky and caught up with the busy Tia to get the deets on what it takes to be a runway diva and stay flawless for the camera.READ MORE

Botox Beauty

Your First Botox & Filler Appointment: Expert Do's & Don'ts For Getting Injections

So you've decided, after a lot of careful research and thinking, that you're ready to try a little Botox. No matter where you plan to have your injections done, there are proper and improper ways to prepare for your appointment.READ MORE

Makeup Beauty

Busy Beauty Tips On The Go: How To Multitask Skin Care, Get Ready & Take Off Makeup Quick

Low on time? Who isn't? Time is always scarce and our beauty regime is always long. The struggle is real, ladies. But fear not. If you can get through your crazy, busy day, then you can manage to look your best with the five minutes you have carved out for your skin care and makeup routine. The glass is half full!READ MORE

Chrissy Teigen Beauty

Celebrity Snapback: Tips From Personal Trainer On How To Lose The Baby Weight

How do these celebs do it? They have a baby and then it seems like the next day, they are back to their pre-pregnancy weight! Didn't you just give birth? How is that possible? Well, obviously if you're a celeb, you've got a team devoted to getting you back into your best shape, but for the rest of us it might take a little longer. That being said, it can still be done!READ MORE

Drugstore Beauty

Busy Beauty Tips: How To Multitask Skin Care, Hair Removal & Tired Puffy Eyes

Time is one of our most precious belongings that, due to our jobs, families and households, can sometimes be rare. Besides their duties and obligations, we don't always find time for an extensive beauty routine. The good news is that there are some quick beauty fixes, making us beautiful in no time.READ MORE

Nose Job Beauty

The One Hour Nose Job? New Procedure Gives You Rhinoplasty Results Fast

It's no secret that nose jobs can be expensive, painful, and put you out of commission for weeks. But what if you could improve your nose shape in just a matter of hours?READ MORE

Nose Job Beauty

The One Hour Nose Job? New Procedure Gives You Rhinoplasty Results Fast

Sometimes you're caught between a rock and a hard place — or maybe a rhinoplasty and a hard place would be a better choice of words? Sometimes contouring with makeup doesn't do enough to get you the nose silhouette you want and getting an actual nose job might be way too much of an investment. Enter the lunch-hour nose job.READ MORE

Shower Beauty

Dermatologist Shares How To Wash Hair & Avoid Body Acne Properly

Dealing with problematic dandruff, dullness, bacne or blemishes on your chest? Let's approach skin care like we do our spring cleaning and clean house! Say goodbye to blemishes with these tired and true professional tips from dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou.READ MORE

Skin Care Beauty

Dermatologist Shares How To Wash Your Face & Neck Properly

Spring-cleaning isn't only for your home. It's also for your skin! Ladies, don't neglect the largest organ in your body. Get it ready for the warmer, skin-baring months. Believe it or not, there are ten easy ways to spring clean your skin from head to toe.READ MORE

Kylie Jenner Beauty

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit? Expert Shares Secrets Behind Enhancing Lips With Injections

For anyone who isn't an Instagram celebrity or who doesn't have the time to practice the perfect pout for each picture, we chatted with Dr. Norman Rowe, NYC-based board certified plastic surgeon.READ MORE

Mirror Beauty

Acne Triggers: What Causes Pimples, Zits, Bumps & Breakouts

For many of us, we still hold on to those old beauty wise tales and begin avoiding carbonated drinks, chocolate and oily foods to help us get rid of those pesky pimples. But new, modern day skin care tips are debunking these myths and getting to the bottom of what is making those bumps pop up.READ MORE

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