Bala The Massage Trio
Bala's The Massage Trio reimagines the way we recover. Courtesy of Bala

Bala is one of the few brands that manage to seamlessly blend fitness and style. Take its initial offering, Bala Bangles. Now the label is reimagining the way we recover.

The Massage Trio is a fresh way to expedite recovery, alleviate tension, strengthen and increase mobility. The kit includes Hourglass, Mini Orb and Bumpy Ball working together to supply self-myofascial trigger point release, acupressure and reflexology. Each is constructed out of soft silicone to ensure no nook or cranny is overlooked.

Choose from a trio of colors: Charcoal, Blush or Sand. It even comes with a mesh carrying bag. Get your set now for only $49 via Bala's website.

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