Moschino Model Pink Nails
A model sports pink nails on Moschino's spring/summer 2022 runway. Courtesy of David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

As you are busy planning your spring outfits and updating your wardrobe with the hottest trends, it's also time to elevate your beauty game. The latest beauty moments to capture our attention are the TikTok-favorite glass skin, Hailey Bieber's strawberry makeup (for the second year in a row) and the Nirvana hairstyle. Now for the finer but never minor details — nails. The spring runways served up a crop of unconventional manicure designs like aura nails, 3D rose tips, and chrome nails — first popularized by Beyonce's iconic Renaissance era and still going strong — which this season have evolved into other colors like pink and yellow, and of course, classic red.

As for the best spring 2024 nail colors, we rounded them up here. Put your best fingertips forward and scroll down to meet the seven shades you'll want to keep in your manicure rotation this season.

Soft Pink

When it comes to the spring nail classics, the coquette aesthetic has influenced the rise of pretty pastel hues like baby blue and lavender especially loved by Sofia Richie Grainge and soft pink. This season the go-to spring staple oozes sweet softness when united with a neutral undertone that just makes perfect sense, especially if you're all about coquette.

Fiery Red

While red is a classic go-to for all seasons, the quintessential hue has conquered this year with a fiery tone. It's also highly versatile where you can wear it with a classic white shirt and your favorite jeans, or dress it up with a LBD for a warm night out.

Mint Green

What better way to transition into the season than with green? A less obvious interpretation of spring, mint green offers a fresh bright hue that you'll never get tired of wearing.

Butter Yellow

While we'll always love sunshine yellow, you can never go wrong with pastels. In case you're looking for a shade that's bright yet sophisticated, butter yellow is the way to go.

Creamy Lavender

A must-have for spring, we're seeing a creamier version of lavender this time around and we're obsessed.

Vanilla Chrome

Move over silver and gold, vanilla has officially entered the chat. Highly similar to Hailey Bieber's glazed doughnut manicure, this new chrome gives you the best of both worlds: minimalism with a classic shade and the maximalism of sheer dust.

Pastel Aqua

Welcome the more frequent blue skies with nails to match. With a hint of creaminess, aqua blue is the perfect mix of neutral meets color.

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