Caleb Williams girlfriend Valery Orellana
Meet Caleb Williams' girlfriend Valery Orellana Courtesy of Valery Orellana/Instagram

On the back of the red carpet fashion-fest served up by the stylish women of the WNBA draft, the anticipation of the 2024 NFL Draft (April 25) has sports fans keeping tabs on the most talented college football players. Incidentally, the projected number-one pick is USC quarterback Caleb Williams. Admittedly we are more fashion than football, so our attention has turned to William's girlfriend Valery Orellana who went viral recently for her style, sex appeal, and the fact that Williams came under fire for pausing his pre-draft training schedule to vacay with her in Tokyo.

So now we want to know everything about Orellana and here's what we found out.

Caleb Williams and Valery Orellana are a new Power Couple
The young couple (he's 22, she's 21) have been together for four years and shared a photo from their prom on Instagram. It's not clear how they met as Williams attended high school in Washington DC and Orellana went to high school in Maryland.

Orellana has Smarts, Cool Style, and Plenty of Sex Appeal
A DMV native, Orellana is Salvadorian-American and a bilingual English/Spanish speaker. She attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is pursuing a bachelor of arts in journalism with a minor in business. The sultry beauty is also being hailed as a style star to watch after images from her Instagram went viral. On social media, she can be seen tapping into aesthetics like Y2K dressing and coquette, and showing off her killer figure in body con bandage and strapless dresses, sporty athleisure looks and effortlessly rocking everyday staples like jeans, cargo denim cut-offs, and Nike dunks.

Orellana is also an Athlete
While the world has come to know Orellana through her relationship with Williams, the beauty has also been busy making her own mark as a student-athlete. She excelled in field hockey during her high school years and has continued her pursuit of sports at the University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill.

She's also a Voice for Diversity in Sports
Williams founded the Caleb Cares Foundation, which is focused on anti-bullying, youth empowerment, and mental health awareness and Orellana is also using her voice to promote diversity and inclusion. She is part of the organization: Evenin' Out The Playing Field, which is dedicated to "targeting people of color to participate in predominately white sports to increase diversity and inclusion with free clinics that bridge the gap of accessibility."

Below, are a few more of our favorite moments from Orellana's Instagram.

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