Coperni Air Swipe Bag
(Almost) as light as air. Courtesy of Coperni

The Swipe Bag is hands down Coperni's most coveted item. It comes in mini and maxi forms, in patent and even in glass. The French fashion house has even toyed with the silhouette to create the Ring Swipe Bag. The newest iteration, however, is truly unique and almost otherworldly.

Coperni used NASA's nanomaterial silica aerogel to craft the über light bag. The Air Swipe Bag is made of 99 percent pure air and the remaining 1 percent is glass. Despite its fragile appearance, the nanomaterial can capture stardust and withstand high temperatures and pressure 4,000 times its weight.

No word yet on if this clear creation will actually be available for purchase. If it is, we imagine the cost will be astronomical.

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