Model and fashion influencer Neha Singh
"if My Handbag Could Talk" with model and fashion influencer Neha Singh Courtesy of Russell Tandy

Starring in Fashion Times' new video series "If My Handbag Could Talk", meet the model and fashion influencer Neha Singh. Signed with Photogenics agency, the 24-year-old Los Angeles and Las Vegas-based beauty who has appeared in campaigns for Dior Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and Goop and graced the pages of Vogue is a videographer, poet, creative director, and aspiring lawyer in her spare time.

Here Neha riffles through her chocolate brown Louis Vuitton shopper to spill its contents to let us know what her bag would say about her in "If My Handbag Could Talk." Below, she also shares her go-to fashion and beauty essentials.

Model and Influencer Neha Singh Shares Her Style Secrets

My Lifestyle Revolves Around Three Things
"Health, work, and creativity. I work so much because I love it. When I am not working, which is almost never, I love to write poetry or work on a fun project with my friends. My dream is to live in NY and work as a model and lawyer."

My Personal Style Has Changed So Much
"Growing up I dressed very goth and grunge but now I like my style to be a little more mature and elegant. I'd describe my aesthetic as sexy and sophisticated — I love long skirts, Mary Janes and lately, I am loving low-rise jeans."

My Go-To Designer
Is Chanel because for me it is the epitome of timeless elegance. I also absolutely love Sami Miro Vintage for her elevated take on street style. I love that she pushes for sustainability in fashion because I think that is super important in an industry that can be so wasteful. Diesel, REVICE, and Chanel are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

My Favorite "Fashion Time"
Would have to be the office siren look which is trending right now. As someone who flits between fashion and the corporate world, I pride myself on always looking chic and cute at work. I always want to be the best dressed wherever I go.

My Most Treasured Fashion Possession
Would have to be my cream Chanel leather sneakers. The toe is black and the rest is cream and they are so cute.

My Handbag Wardrobe Screams
"She loves a good designer bag." I have a big collection of Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags. The only thing I am really missing is a Birkin, it's every girl's dream, right?

My Beauty Routine Involves
Contour, lip liner, and eyeshadow. I like to go for a full face everyday but make it look very natural so I use a lot of neutral colors and light, natural-looking foundation. I am obsessed with Makeup By Mario for my lips. I do not like chemicals on my face so choosing clean skincare and beauty products is very important to me.

My Ultimate Style Tip
The order is — outfit, makeup, then hair. Duh!

The Fashion Trends I'd Kiss, Marry, Park
Kiss: Ombre lips. Marry: Mary Janes, Park it: High-waisted jeans

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